"Dr. Kathryn E. Boehly has been our family dentist for years. We all love her, & my mom jokes around saying she loves her small hands" ;)

Kristy C.

"Because there is noone better man or woman"

Joel B.

"Dr. Boehly is the ultimate professional, coupled with a wonderful demeanor!"

Lucas L.

"I don't love the dentist by any means, I actually try to avoid it as much as possible. However it must be done and Dr. Boehly is THE BEST, she does everything she can to make me feel at ease and to make my experience as comfortable as possible."

Elisabeth K.

"I always enjoy the personal care the Kathryn Boehly, DDS. and her family of hygienists perform."

Bruce S.

"I always have a great professional experience at Kathryn Boehly's office."

Deborah A.